June 2017  /  Giving

CodeGreen in the Kitchen

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Have you taken a stroll around Funner, CAlately? Some amazing things have been sprouting up around here. Our plush little CodeGreen garden that produces all of those yummy veggies for dishes around the resort is just the tip of the chef’s knife! Harrah’s Resort SoCal is determined to cook in the kitchen with a green thumb and save Mother Earth one dish at a time. From local organic produce to waste-saving compost machinery, we’re keeping our planet green in the tastiest way possible.

Not only does our on-property garden produce hundreds of pounds of veggies year over year, we also work closely with local growers like Stehly Farmslocated just up the road from Funner, CA. Both fresh and delicious, you can rest assured knowing those yummy ingredients in your favorite dish were harvested with Mother Earth’s well-being in mind!

But what about kitchen waste? We’re glad you asked. CodeGreen in the kitchen isn’t just about earth-friendly ingredients. We’re recycling thousands of pounds of cooking oil per year. Our new Biodigester composts food scraps at a rate of one ton per day! The result? More happy vegetables for you to gobble up.

So go ahead, pile up that mountainous salad concoction at the Buffet. With CodeGreen in the kitchen there’s plenty more where that came from!

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