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We Present To You The Talk, Text and Save Mother Earth Plan!

Have you checked your smartphone lately? Of course you have. You’re probably on it right now reading this right? Hey, no judgement. We here at Harrah’s Resort SoCal can get glued to our phones from time to time too. Talk about being social media butterflies! But with as much joy and entertainment these amazing gadgets bring us, we also see them as a CodeGreen opportunity to help Mother Earth.

Each year millions of cell phones find their way into local landfills wasting tons upon tons of precious recyclable materials. We saw this problem not only as an addition to our CodeGreen crusade, but as a great opportunity to reduce our e-waste.

How have our efforts been going? We’re so glad you asked. So far in 2018 we’ve recycled 829 mobile devices. That’s enough recycled energy to power one laptop for over four years! But the fun doesn’t stop there. Precious metals such as gold and copper that are recycled from each phone significantly cuts down on the carbon emissions produced by raw material extraction. More recycling means less mining which makes Mother Earth very happy.

So go ahead, splurge and treat yourself to that shiney new phone with the fruit logo on it. Why not? With CodeGreen cell phone recycling you can enjoy the benefits of that new selfie camera feature and save Mother Earth at the same time!

Do you have an old phone or electronic waste you'd like to recycle? How about some documents that need shredding? Feel free to bring them to our CodeGreen E-Waste and Paper Shredding event on Saturday, April 14th. It's FREE for everyone! Please no light bulbs or batteries.

Put your fun to work!

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