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Your casino is where you make it

Poolside gaming

Funner California has residents from all walks for life. We have the aquatic-minded Dive local, the excitable gamer, the food and wine adventurer and the expert siesta-er just to name a few. But don’t feel like you have to stick to one title. We here at Harrah’s Resort SoCal are all for multi-tasking around the property. Go ahead, enjoy that craft cocktail from Spiked while you’re making a run on the blackjack table. Want to spin some slots while working on that poolside tan? Now you can. We give you the eFunner Casino app. Real gambling, real money, REEL fun!

Multi-tasking goals

Now, before you say “But Harrah’s, other casinos already have app-based games…” we’ll once again emphasize the REAL money and REAL gambling part. eFunner Casino is the first app in Southern California that allows you to gamble with real money anywhere around our property. Forget sitting around on the casino floor. Draw yourself that bubble bath or refresh that bucket of beer down at Dive, fire up the app and start spinning some slots.

The eFunner Casino app is a breeze to set up. Simply download eFunner Casino from your app store, create a Sightline account to add money, sign in with your Caesars Rewards number and get to playing. Here's the best part, your first $20 dollars will be matched by the eFunner Casino! When you’re ready to cash out, Sightline will allow your winnings to be transferred to your bank account. And guess what? All of your play gains you Caesars Rewards credits just like playing in the casino. Seven Stars here we come!

eFunner Casino’s slot style games are always being updated and refreshed so keep an eye out for new games regularly. Don’t worry card sharks, we didn’t forget about you. Video poker games are in the works and will be available in the near future.

We know you’re reading this on your phone so just go ahead and swipe into the app store… go ahead… you know you want to!

Put your fun to work!

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