September 2023  /  Funning

Game day just got Funner!

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Hold on to your helmets, sports aficionados, because the buzz at Harrah’s Resort Southern California just got a whole lot more electric! It’s time to roll out the red carpet for the latest game day innovation that will take your football fun to new heights. Presenting the all new NFL Pick ’em game in Funner, CA!

Get ready to use all of that NFL knowledge you stored away during the off-season. Because you’re not just a spectator anymore. You're the playmaker, the coach, the one who holds the key to predicting the outcomes of the Sunday and Monday games. Every week the competition will be in full swing as you make your game day predictions between Noon on Tuesday through 11:30pm on Saturday. That’s right — it's your time to shine as you flex your football foresight.

To play, all you need is your trusty Caesars Rewards® card. A quick swipe at the NFL Pick ’em Kiosk is your ticket to the action-packed world of predictions. But the excitement doesn't fade away after one round. It's an ongoing spectacle that keeps the adrenaline pumping week after week.

Now what does taking home the W mean for you? The top 10 predictors each week will revel in the glory of victory with astounding rewards. Think free play, think Reward Credits® – we're talking about monumental ways to celebrate your football knowledge without ever stepping onto the field.

Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or a rookie ready to make your mark, the NFL Pick ’em Kiosks are your ultimate way to get involved with the games every week. Touchdowns, turnovers and triumphant moments await — are you up for the challenge? Swipe, predict and embrace every breath-taking moment this season. The NFL Pick ’em Kiosks are here to revolutionize your game day rituals. The clock is ticking, the anticipation is rising and your chance to be a winner is now!

Put your fun to work!

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