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A Balloon Bonanza Honors a Loved-One’s Promise

What’s your Funner? We’ll share ours if you share yours. Funner has many forms here at Harrah’s Resort SoCal. It has to when you reside in, you guessed it, Funner California. Our Funner is living our best life and encouraging you to do the same. Funner is splurging on a gigantic sundae poolside at‘ritas Cantina. It’s letting your victory dance out for all to see when you strike it rich and hit the Impressive Progressive Jackpot. It’s sparkly diamond-infused facial treatments at The Spa or simply enjoying the act of doing absolutely NOTHING while soaking in a Divehot tub or the tub in the Home Suite Home. But our Funner is also loving our community, caring for our fellow Funner Californians and fulfilling promises made by those we’ve loved and lost.

What's Your Funner?

For Denise “Dixie” Tompkins, a simple, yet Funner, wish to enjoy a room full of balloons. Simple, sure. Funner, absolutley. But there’s more to this balloon bonanza than meets the eye (besides the hundreds of colorful balloons, obviously!). A promise originally made by Dixie’s husband, a room full of balloons was to be Dixie’s birthday gift from him. A promise that would be delayed indefinitely as Dixie’s husband fought and unfortunately, lost his battle to cancer while comforted at Hospice of the Valleys in nearby Murrieta, CA. A promise delayed until now. During a visit to Funner California, Dixie enthusiastically told us what her Funner is and what it means to her. As fate would have it, she was chosen as our first What’s Your Funner winner and her birthday wish came true!

Dixie's wish comes true

“When Harrah’s Resort SoCal called me and told me that I won, I couldn’t believe it.” says Dixie. “My husband had promised this for my birthday but he passed away before it could happen. I got off the phone with Harrah’s Resort SoCal and told our children ‘looks like dad came through again!’ We know he’s with us tonight.” she adds. “I’m so thankful to Harrah’s Resort SoCal for hosting this for myself and our family. We’ve never seen anything like this. From the incredible amount of balloons to all of the photos of my husband and I, we’re so grateful to you all.”

Balloon Bonanza

We sang, we laughed, we shed tears and toasted to memories, family and loved ones. We celebrated a Funner Califonian and turned her wildest dreams into reality.

Friends and Family celebrate a loved one

In honor of the Tompkins family, donations to the Hospice of the Valleys are currently being accepted. Why the Hospice of the Valleys you may ask? While her husband’s birthday promise was fulfilled, it is Dixie and Harrah’s Resort SoCal’s passionate duty to honor and thank those at Hospice of the Valleys for all of the tender love and care given to Dixie’s beloved husband during his final days with his family. And what better way to say “thank you” than to contribute to Hospice of the Valleys’ noble cause so that they may provide the same care and passion to future patients.

In honor and memory

If you’d like to join Harrah’s Resort SoCal in giving back, please visit https://hospiceofthevalleys.org/Dixie. With your help, we look forward to making a difference together.

Thousands of balloons

You never know what will happen in Funner, CA. It’s where your wildest dreams dream and those wild dreams become reality. Come to think of it, the deal was “we tell you and you tell us”, right? So let’s hear it. If you could live out your wildest dream here in Funner, CA, what would it be? Tell us in the comments section down below and it might just come true! What’s Your Funner?

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