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Bewitch Your Tastebuds

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As the leaves change color and the air becomes crisp, October casts its enchanting spell over Harrah's Resort Southern California. This Halloween season, prepare for a spine-tingling experience with three specialty cocktails at Spiked. These concoctions are available exclusively during the month of October, so gather your ghoul-friends and grab a seat at the bar for a wickedly good time.

1. Nightmare on Bourbon Street - $17


This bewitching potion boasts a hauntingly vibrant yellow-orange hue that captures the essence of autumn. As you raise your glass, the aroma of cinnamon dances around you, promising a taste that's as comforting as a cozy blanket on a chilly October night.

Don't forget the finishing touch: a delicate cinnamon garnish that adds an extra layer of spice to this elixir. But what makes Nightmare on Bourbon Street especially intriguing is the bourbon used. The Garrison Brothers Funner Reserve Bourbon can only be purchased in Funner, CA - truly making this cocktail one to remember.

2. La Bruja - $14


La Bruja is a devilishly delicious concoction that'll have you under its spell from the first sip. With its deep, blood-red color, this drink embodies Halloween haunts like no other.

To complete the enchantment, a black salt rim adds a sinister twist, while a lime garnish and eerie eyeball make it clear that this potion has been brewed with a dash of witchy magic. La Bruja is sure to leave you spellbound and craving more!

3. Forbidden Potion - $15

The Forbidden Potion is as mysterious as it is delicious. The mixologists labored tirelessly over this green concoction to make sure this elixir whispered secrets of the night. But the real magic happens with its unusual garnish.

Served with a test tube containing a shot of charcoal-infused sour apple, it's like sipping on a potion straight from a witch's cauldron. The Forbidden Potion is not only a treat for the eyes but also a bewitching blend of flavors that'll leave you and your tastebuds enchanted.

You won’t want to miss your chance to sip on these mysterious libations! Visit Harrah's Resort Southern California this October and let these Halloween-inspired cocktails transport you to a world of spooky delight. Remember, they're only available until the end of the month, so be sure to get your fill of these magical brews before they vanish like ghosts in the night!

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