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Fashion Week San Diego: Spring Showcase

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Hi there! My name is Jenna Pilant and I am the first-ever guest blogger on the Harrah's Resort Southern California blog.

It's nice to meet you!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am an upholstery artist, life+style blogger of, AND one of thee most #stylecrazed gals you will ever meet : ) that’s right, I love great design. I am also one of the biggest fans of Fashion Week San Diego.

Did you know that San Diego has its very own traditional fashion week just like New York City?!

We sure do! Fashion Week San Diego was founded in 2007 by local entrepreneurial powerhouse, Allison Andrews, and has been showcasing emerging designers from around the world ever since. AND since we’re on the topic of showcasing, let’s DIVE right into why I’m here being a guest-blogger . . . this coming Saturday, May 14th, from 6 – 10 p.m., Fashion Week San Diego is hosting it’s third annual Spring Showcase, right here at your resort for fun!

How cool is that?!

And according to my inside scoop, this year’s Spring Showcase is guaranteed to make any fashionista’s heart skip a beat or two – as not only will this be your formal introduction to this year’s 26 runway designers but also an overall fashionably-entertaining experience.


Spring Showcase 2015 - Photo by Fashion Week San Diego

Here’s a little bit of what you can expect from this year’s Fashion Week San Diego 2016 Spring Showcase:

- Each designer will be presenting/featuring one piece from their 2016 collection; either as a sneak peak into what the designer will be sending down the runway in October OR a reflection piece that is a representation of whom they are as a designer.

YAY! Now let’s talk entertainment : )

- Laker Girl, Lacey Everett, will be performing an original dance routine specifically created for this year’s event.

That’s Lacey front and center below. I saw her perform at last year’s Spring Showcase and it’s one of the best-choreographed numbers I’ve seen. She has such energy. It’s infectious!


Laker Girls 2015/2016 - Photo by Los Angeles Lakers

- Fashion Week San Diego designer, Dynamite Doll, will also be performing songs that she actually wrote!

I’m telling you that gal’s talent is never ending!

- Now besides the fabulous entertainment on the runway, there will be shop-able booths throughout the Harrah’s Resort Southern California Events Center featuring not only the designers of Fashion Week San Diego but also their 2016 partners including iTan, Kind Bars, Tresor Rare, and many more with free samples and giveaways!

My girlfriend, Vanessa Balli, will also there with a booth for her fantastic hair product = VIBRANCE! It’s what I use in my hair to keep it soft and shiny. It also smells devine! An absolute must-try/buy ; )

- There will also be a silent auction supporting Allison Andrew’s non-profit organization, F.A.B. Authority, WHERE one of the auction items will be an opportunity to win an actual Tesla to drive for 24 hours.

Who doesn’t want to drive a Tesla?!


Local San Diego Fashionistas with Allison Andrews – Photo by Fashion Week San Diego

Honestly, I could go on and on about this wonderful organization and its 3rd annual event. I mean they even have their own filter with the Fashion Week San Diego logo ON Snapchat for crying out loud! Talk about a well-oiled fashion machine! Well, I think that’s about enough out of me. Thank you to Harrah’s Resort Southern California for asking me to give you a little preview of this year’s Spring Showcase. It’s an event you really don’t want to miss. I hope to see you there and please come up and say hi : ) I’ll be the one walking around with the little dog model!

With Fashionably Regards,

Jenna Pilant

IG/TW/Snapchat: @jennapilant


Nella Sue & Jenna Pilant – Photo by J.Dixx Photography

P.S. – And just in case I missed anything, you can always check out the Fashion Week San Diego website >>>

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