August 2018  /  Funning


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Join us for a Floatatious day of fun in the sun

We Funner Californians take our jobs very seriously. What job is that you ask? Well, having fun of course! When it comes to fun in the sun nobody does it better thanHarrah’s Resort SoCal. Sure floating around lazily in a tube is fun. But try floating around on a giant bull or unicorn with your splash squad while the tunes play and your favorite summer drink pours ice cold. Now that’s a floatatious event worthy of Funner, CA. It almost sounds like a… Floatapalooza!

No, we didn’t just make that word up. Floatapalooza is a real event and it’s happening right here at Dive Saturday, August 25th! Sure you can use our tubes but where’s the fun in that? Get whacky and bring in your own raft. Just make sure it’s big enough to dance on, our live DJ will be on the one’s and two’s from noon to 5pm.

Don’t have a floatie? Not a problem. Our Dive shop has all of the rafts you could dream of. We highly recommend the slice of pizza!

Floatapalooza at our Main Pool is free for all hotel guests. But never fear, if you aren’t staying here simply purchase a day pass at and get poolside. See you on the raft!

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