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Healthy Routines Can Survive

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Sticking to a healthy routine on a daily basis is hard enough, keeping up with one while on vacation is sometimes impossible. Not every hotel and resort puts thought into your health and wellness. But at Harrah’s Resort Southern California, we definitely do.

Rooms Designed With Wellness in Mind


We firmly believe in making every experience at Harrah’s Resort SoCal fun and unique. For example, we recently revamped 22 rooms—including two suites—and gave them a fun and healthy twist. You can still enjoy that luxury you expect from us, but now you’ll have some easy ways to stay fit and feel refreshed.

Let’s start with the ceilings. We pushed these up to 10 feet instead of the standard eight. These extra two feet offer a more spacious feel, plus excellent acoustics for the built in Bluetooth surround sound system. Now you can connect your personal playlist from your smartphone and even belt out a few notes while you shower. Yep, there are speakers in bathroom!

Speaking of the bathroom, each shower is updated with a double showerhead. Feel refreshed by the simulated rainfall from above or get a reviving boost from head to toe with the hand-held aromatherapy showerhead infused with Vitamin C. Your mood and your skill will thank you.

If you’re an early riser, roll out the yoga mat we’ve provided for your morning sun salutations. If yoga isn’t your thing, we’ve also included exercise balls, hand-held weights and jump ropes. Now all you need is a healthy dose of motivation.

Even the alarm clock is a little friendlier. We’ve replaced the standard timepiece with Philips Wake-up Light Clock Radios. With a soothing combination of light therapy and gentle sound, you’ll be roused from your slumber in a natural, more healthful way—not scared half to death by the blaring sound of static.

Count Your Steps on the Nature Trail


If exercising indoors doesn’t interest you, we have a beautiful one-mile, scenic pedestrian nature trail that meanders behind the resort along the San Luis Rey River. This dog-friendly foot path features benches for resting and taking in the scenic hillside views. If you haven’t seen one yet, amazing golden sunsets are a Valley Center signature.

Drink to Your Health with Robeks


Don’t forget your fruit and veggies! To keep your diet clean we recently added Robeks to our food and beverage options, offering you the chance to sip smoothies and juices that are made with fresh produce. Choose your favorite flavors, from bananas to beets to kale. These delicious hand-crafted drinks are sure to add more pep to your step!

Pump Iron in Our New Gym

Prefer to go “hard” at the gym? We have not forgotten about you. Opening in mid-November is our new nearly 3,000-square-foot, sweat-worthy fitness center. Complete with state-of-the-art LifeFitness cardio, cross training, strength, TRX and stability equipment, you will find everything you need for the ultimate full-body workout.

Put your fun to work!

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