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The Magic of the Lazy River

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Have you ever found yourself in an inner tube floating your way down our lazy river for hours on end? You have the sun on your face and the motion of the water gently rocking you into a state of total relaxation. Perhaps you even dozed off a time or two?

If you know this unforgettable feeling, then you’ve probably wondered how our endless river of miracles keeps itself moving. Well friends, we are here to answer that question for you.

Let’s start by uncovering the science behind what makes all 400 feet of the Harrah’s Resort Southern California Lazy River go round. And around. And around.


One word: jets. Lots of very powerful jets. It takes exactly 30 of them, all working together in unison, to get the 154,000 gallons of water whooshing around the twists and turns of the river.

With all that water moving at speed of three to four miles per hour, a single lap around the Lazy River takes approximately four minutes to complete—but we all know once just isn’t enough. Unless of course you suffer from motion sickness. Then you may want to hop out and enjoy one of our twenty one cabanas, eight day beds or countless loungers. Even if you’re not riding the river, you can still enjoy some mouth watering food and drinks without ever having to leave your seat.

For those brave enough to endure our rapids and drift into the misty unknown of the grotto, you and your inner tube can cruise around as many times as you want (pool hours permitting of course). Remember, tubes are first come first served, so grab one while you can.


With the river water always kept at a comfortable 84 degrees, you can float into the sunset without worry. And we highly recommend doing so because the Lazy River takes on a whole new life after sundown. As the sky gets darker the river gets brighter. Our 16 color changing lights rotate through the 12 brightest neon colors we could find to light your way through the waves. The colors of this river will bring you from relaxation nation to party town in the blink of an eye!

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Our Lazy River is the only area at Dive that is all ages and family friendly. Kids are more than welcome, as long as those under 14 are accompanied by an adult.

Temps in Valley Center regularly reach 80+ degrees. With such perfect conditions it is understandable that our guests want to enjoy our crystal clear pools all day. There’s nothing better than letting the ebb and flow of the Lazy River rock you into a blissful mid-summer’s day nap. However, we encourage you to do so with caution because being drenched by one of our two waterfalls or sprayed in the face by one of our many water spout features is not a great way to be woken up.

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