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Pack your Funner Passport

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Become a Resort Ruler and let your Funner side be your tour guide

Passports are both a blast and a bummer. On one hand it means travel, adventure and new experiences. On the other hand it means Customs lines and waiting around for that little stamp so you can get your vacation started. Luckily for you Harrah’s Resort SoCalis all about adventure and fun experiences. And what better way to enjoy those fun experiences than with a Funner Passport?

Take a trip around Funner Californiaand take in the sights and eats while winning prizes at the same time. Here’s how it works.

There are four ways to earn a prize:

1 - Become a “Certified Foodie” by visiting 5 of our 9 food outlets and collecting a sticker from each outlet.

2 - Sip your way to becoming a “Beverage Connoisseur” by collecting 5 stickers at any of our 7 beverage outlets.

3 - Declare yourself a “World Traveler” and collect 5 stickers by visiting various locations of Harrah’s Resort SoCal and participating in different activities.

4 - Earn the title of “Resort Ruler” by earning all 20 stickers and filling your Funner Passport for the ultimate prize!

So you’ve traveled around Funner, CA and collected your stickers. Now what? Head on over to the Promotions Center to redeem your prize (or prizes) of course! You can win free play, Funner merchandise and even an exclusive dining experience at Fiore. We highly recommend the Quail Tortellini!

Are you ready to become a Resort Ruler? Great. Be sure to grab your passport and immerse yourself in the culture that is Funner, California. You can grab your very own Funner Passport at the Promotions Center, Total Rewards or Front Desk. See you around town!

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