February 2018  /  Funning


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Add a little smoke to your favorite Spiked cocktail

Old Fashioned smoked with freshly shaved Mesquite

Are you infatuated with smoked items like we are? Fork-tender smoked salmon and slow-smoked brisket and tri tip are sure ways to get the appetite revved up. But forget the ordinary, Harrah’s Resort SoCal is all about the EXTRAordinary. That’s why our mixologists at Spiked have kicked up their smoke game a notch and are bringing it to your favorite cocktails!

Sure Old Fashions are delicious. That perfect flavor balance of sweet, bitter and oak will tantalize any taste bud. But add a bit of smoke and now you have a cocktail that is downright Funner!

Old Fashion waits patiently for its smoking treatment

The smoker isn’t just for Old Fashions though, our mixologists have a plethora of cocktails they can recommend. Using a one-of-a-kind smoker they can infuse your favorite concoction with Hickory, Cherrywood, Applewood or Mesquite. Like a fine wine paired with that perfect dish, our mixologist magicians will smoke your cocktail with the perfect smokey flavor to accentuate any cocktail flavor.

Mixologist tip: Ask for your cocktail to be shaken with smoke for an even smokier experience!

Put your fun to work!

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