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Shhh...Insider’s Tips To Our Secret Menus

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We firmly believe that secrets don’t make friends. That is why we have decided to share some of our favorite, super secret, not-found-on-any-menu items. These hidden gems can be found at several of our restaurants and are sure to add a special twist to the already amazing food and drink options here Harrah’s Resort SoCal. We promise you won’t regret ordering (we prefer whispering) any of these unpublished provisions.


The next time you're enjoying a hot-off-the-grill burger or freshly prepared sandwich at the Café we encourage you to go all-in with these two secret words—garlic fries. That’s right ladies and gents you can upgrade your standard fare to our “knock your socks off” variety, made with a mix of fresh garlic, parsley and sea salt. Just ask your server when you place your order.


‘ritas Cantina

Love a good crunch? We have the answer to your prayers. You can request any of the eight different varieties of soft tacos served at ‘ritas Cantina to be served with a crispy, crunchy, freshly fried hard shell.

But that’s not all—if you love the smell of grilled bell peppers and onions like we do, then do yourself a favor and order some fresh made fajitas. With choices like juicy chicken, perfectly seasoned beef, or a seafood combo it’s a good thing you won’t find them on the menu because we’d probably sell out.



It wouldn’t be a speakeasy without at least a few secret libations. Try sipping on our super secret Barrel Aged Vieux Carre (pronounced voo cah-ray). This Manhattan with a New Orleans twist contains armagnac, rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, Angostura and Bitter Truth creole bitters and is aged four weeks in an oak barrel to add more spice and caramel flavors to this classic cocktail. Whisper those special words to your favorite bartender and sip away.


If you’re in the mood for something a little fruitier, request our house made Melon Liqueur in your next melon sour or Tokyo tea. But fair warning—once you’ve tried ours you’ll never look at Midori the same again.


Who doesn’t love a little surf and turf? Well we’re here to tell you that you can get yours just the way you like it (even if it’s not on the menu). Order any of our high quality steaks blackened or peppercorn crusted for an additional kick (and a small fee of course). If steak isn’t your thing, try ordering a whole lobster instead. Get it steamed, grilled, or broiled—the choice is yours.

But all of these delicious options pale in comparison to the Premium Seafood Tower. With tier after tier of lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels, and other assorted seafood selections, it is the ultimate in indulgence and a must try during your next Fiore dining adventure.

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