May 2017  /  Tasting

Sweet Sugary Sealife

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Beyond being the most delicious substance ever, there’s no denying that chocolate is an extremely versatile ingredient. Cakes, frostings, syrups, sauces and shavings. Most will agree that chocolate goes with everything. We here at Harrah's Resort SoCal definitely think so and so do our chefs! Classic Pavlova with chocolate mousse at Fiore, a sweet and savory dish in its finest form. If it’s variety you need to satisfy your craving, the Buffet dessert station will surely take you to chocolate-y heaven. But what if we asked you to refrain from devouring chocolate and to gaze in amazement instead? Sure it sounds blasphemous but Harrah’s Resort SoCal Pastry Chef Matt Lawa’s decadent chocolate sculpture will make you think otherwise.

Why whales, paintings and chocolate? We’re glad you asked. Harrah’s Resort SoCal is highly invested in our community and when San Diego Youth Services invites you to their Creations In Chocolate charity event and competition, you come running! Well, Chef Matt does at least. Featuring guest judge and renowned marine wildlife artist Wyland, San Diego’s finest chocolatiers melted, sculpted and shaved away for the title of Best In Show. Spoiler alert, Chef Matt won! And with the auction proceeds going to San Diego Youth Services, our San Diego community won as well.

“I wanted a theme that covered both Wyland and charity for kids so I came up with the mother and young whale theme.” says Lawa. “Plus I wanted to tie San Diego into it so that’s how I came up with the idea of the San Diego skyline.” From backlit San Diego sunsets to artists’ paint brushes inspired by Wyland, Lawa left no detail behind. Not to be outdone by any of his fellow competitors, custom-built molds were crafted by Lawa himself to create a truly unique piece of art. And it’s this attention to detail that won him the big one. But don’t take our word for it, have a look for yourself. You can bask in its chocolate-y glory on your way to the Buffet. You’ll find it proudly displayed in the dessert case next to Fiore.

Just don’t stare too long, it makes the starfish nervous.

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