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The Sandy Dog

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The Sandy Dog puts some sting in your Spring

Golden Poppy super bloom

Winter has come and gone and now it’s Spring’s time to shine… literally! The blooming season holds a special place in our hearts at Harrah’s Resort SoCal because with it comes one of our favorite events, Earth Month. As a seasoned Funner Californian, we’re quite sure that you’re familiar with our Mother Earth-loving efforts by now. We are proud owners of the largest solar field in the Caesars Entertainment Empire, we are advocates of smart and conscious recycling efforts and we love a good beach clean-up. But Earth Month isn’t just recycling bins and water conservation. Sometimes relaxing with a frosty cocktail while you admire your earth-friendly efforts is a kind enough gesture to our beloved planet. Lucky for you we’re giving you the opportunity to do just that with our exclusive CodeGreen cocktail, The Sandy Dog.

The Sandy Dog

Delivering the clean spring flavors reminiscent of the green season, The Sandy Dog combines the round and refreshing flavors of Rincon Reservation Road Brewery’s Rez Dog Hefeweizen, the sharp bite of Bulleit Bourbon, honey (in honor of our CodeGreen bees) and zesty lemon peel. A refreshing and delicious beer cocktail guaranteed to add some sting to your Spring.

The Sandy Dog

Combine Rincon Reservation Road Brewery Hef, Bulleit Bourbon and honey in a pint glass and stir to combine. Garnish with a lemon peel and toast to Mother Earth!

If sipping and toasting to the health of Mother Earth isn’t enough, $1 of every Sandy Dog purchase will be donated to theI Love a Clean San Diego foundation. Sipping, hydrating and saving Mother Earth at the same time. Order up The Sandy Dog at Spiked all April long.

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Cheers to Earth Month!

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