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The Oyster Bar is shucking up new flavors

Oyster & Sake Pairing

Ever wonder what it takes to be a Funner Californian? We’ll tell you. You have to love fun in the sun. Living your best life must always be on your mind. You must practically live in the water and you can’t just like food, you have to LOVE it! Especially those sweet and decadent gems of the ocean. We’re talking seafood. Whether it’s fried fish tacos, seafood towers or sushi, a true SoCal local knows their way around a seafood menu. But don’t jump into the car speeding for the beach just yet. Harrah’s Resort SoCal has the goods to satisfy that seafood hankering with our newest menu at the Oyster Bar.

Seafood Tower

Swimming with new items, this menu is headed by chef Daniel Evans and his passion for fusion cooking. The menu has a fresh and contemporary feel serving up new polished offerings as well as the old hits. “I wanted to create a new menu that would guide our diners to their new favorites based on what dishes they liked before.” says Evans. “I have carried a few of these recipes with me for years and have waited for the right time to use them. This menu has been quite a long time in the making.”

Hamachi Crudo

Let’s order up and dig in. You can’t go wrong with the staples like sushi and the decadent seafood tower dishing up its new octopus salad. But chef Daniel also has a few words of wisdom while you’re drooling over the menu. “I’m really partial to the Hamachi Crudo. I would also have to recommend the Ahi Salad and Seafood Gumbo. I was recently told by a Louisiana native that it was the best gumbo he’s ever had!” High praise if we’ve ever heard it. Don’t forget to slurp down a few oysters paired with sake. No tricks here. Just two ingredients basking in all of their glory.

Chirashi Bowl

Ready to take your tastebuds through uncharted waters? The Oyster Bar is ready to shuck up your order. Have a look at the entire menu here!

Seafood Gumbo

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