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Sip on these brand new cocktail concoctions at Fiore

Just a touch of Prosecco for the Fiore Seventy Five

Nothing beats a perfect dish at a restaurant right? Wrong! Nothing beats a perfect dish paired with an incredible cocktail. Sure a perfectly seared steak or buttery lobster tail can be the star of the dining show. But every dining junkie knows that the key to a true restaurant experience rests on a stellar cocktail list. Besides, how are you going to drink with your pinky out if you don’t have a fancy cocktail in your hand? Luckily the Harrah’s Resort SoCal (link) bartenders at Fiore (link) have you covered. Satisfy your cocktail craving with these new offerings we’re shaking up.

Fiore Seventy Five

The flowery Fiore Seventy Five

Fiore Seventy Five Cocktail

If there was ever a cocktail that deserved to be cloaked in the veil of mixology royalty it would be the French Seventy Five (link). Born in the culinary mecca of the world, the French Seventy Five was created in Paris over one hundred years ago and has been pouring into restaurants and bars ever since. But you know what they say, out with the old and in with the new. “We wanted to create a drink that would bring our guests the comfort of something familiar yet be new and enticing at the same time.” says Fiore assistant manager Juvianne Montoya. The FIORE Seventy Five is just that! Mixing up quality ingredients including Ford’s Gin (link), blackberry, lemon and prosecco (link), this bubbly delight is clean, crisp and delicately refreshing. Garnish with fresh flower petals and you have yourself Spring in a glass!

Something Old & Something New

Something Old & Something New

Nothing screams “sophisticated” like sipping on an Old Fashioned (link). With its deep amber color, simple garnish and short bucket glass, the mere sight of this drink will have people thinking you’re a long lost member of The Rat Pack (link). But The Rat Pack wishes they had this! Combining Michter’s Rye (link), Cointreau (link), simple syrup, and Peychaud’s Bitters (link), the Fiore mix masters have combined modern flair with some old fashioning to create the Something Old & Something New. We’re not messing around here, expect some deep and complex whiskey flavors.

Pour us another round!

Whether you’re spritzing or sipping the cocktail menu at Fiore has you covered. These new cocktails along with your favorite cocktail greatest hits are mixing it up now!

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