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Something new is stewing at the Buffet

Chef Homero's Birria

Something tasty is stewing at Harrah’s Resort SoCal and no, it isn’t the Pho, Seafood Gumbo or any other tasty bowls available around the resort. This particular dish screams “celebration” due to it typically being served at important and festive events. Since we’re in Funner, CA and every day is a celebration we figured, why not? This is Chef Homero Lopez’s legendary birria and it’s making a quick cameo at the Buffet!

It's all in the marinade

Boasting over 6 spices and taking 10 hours to prepare, chef Homero’s Birria is an incredibly delicious labor of love. “A good Birria is a blend of chiles and spices that goes on the beef.” says chef Homero. “The spices I use are cumin, garlic, bay leaves, cloves and coriander.” he adds.

Banana leaves keep the meat tender and moist

“Birria is a classic dish from the state of Jalisco, Mexico and when I eat some it makes me feel like I’m down there. My mother likes to make Birria for different special occasions that we all really enjoy”.


Whether the flavors conjure up warm and distant memories or surprises you for the first time, birria is sure to make a mark on your memory any way you stew it. But don’t stop with just a scoop full of beefy bliss. It’s the fixins’ that make this birria uniquely yours. Need a starting point? Try it the way chef Homero likes it. “I prefer to top mine with onion and cilantro!”

Chef Homero’s Birria is available now for a limited time in the Buffet. Grab some before it’s all gobbled up!

The finishing touch
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