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Beer Blitz

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Brew up the big game

Super Bowl LV is just a short pass away and we here at Harrah’s Resort SoCal are gearing up for the battle of the gridiron. While you could enjoy the game in the casino playing your favorite slot machine or table game, we understand if you want to dedicate 100% of your attention to the pigskin. So here’s the play, a deep pass to Rincon Reservation Road Brewery. Food, a few new specialty beer cocktails to go along with the stellar line up of craft beer and, of course, football!

A beer cocktail? That’s right! Or, as we like to call it, a Beertail. The brewery wizards at SoCal’s first tribal-owned craft brewery have concocted a few beer-centric drinks that are sure to sack that blue can of yellow fizzy water.

Baja Style Michelada

Baja Michelada

A SoCal and San Diego favorite, Rincon Reservation Road Brewery’s Michelada takes their crisp and refreshing Oasis Blonde (link) and combines it with lime, jerky and olives served in a glass rimmed with salt and spices for three field goals… or $9!

3R Beermosa


This is how you brunch at a brewery! Kick aside the bubbly and embrace the brew. This Beermosa’s list of ingredients is a handoff straight up the middle. Rez Dog Hefeweizen (link), orange juice and pineapple juice. Strong and reliable, just like your first round fantasy draft pick (hopefully).

The Grazy

The Grazy

Part Luiseno Hazy IPA (link)and part grapefruit soda, this refreshing combo has a bit of tart at its heart. This one’s extremely drinkable so be sure to watch your blindside for that blitz!

Beer Blitz

More of a beer “purist”? We get it, not everyone is into the Wildcat style plays of a beer cocktail. But don’t throw a yellow flag just yet, Rincon Reservation Brewery will also be offering special beer prices as well! So don’t bench yourself. Football and beer are an unbeatable combo, like Mayor Riggle and Albert the alpaca. Come bask in the glory of ‘The Bowl!

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