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Dig into this uniquely San Diegan delicacy

Cardiff Crack

Can we let you in on a little secret? Our Harrah’s Resort SoCal chefs are pretty good. Very good actually. But even they long for a recipe like the one we’re about to slice up for you. We’re talking tri tip, burgundy wine and black pepper infused into the perfect cut of meat. An offering so notorious that people drive from all over to indulge in this Cardiff-based delicacy. None other than Seaside Market’s Cardiff Crack™. Juicy, tender and delightfully complex, this is a cut of meat that dreams are made of. But forget jumping in your car and leaving the Funner, CA city lines. We’ve saved you the hour drive and brought the delicious delight directly to the Café. Well, we didn’t bring it. Seaside Market delivers it personally!

The Surf & Turf benny

Let’s start with breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day after all. There are many “bennys” on the Café menu but the Surf & Turf eggs benedict needs to be on your list. This scrumptious stack is piled high with Cardiff Crack™, crab, bacon, arugula and covered in rich hollandaise. If it’s the simple things you covet then we’d recommend having Cardiff Crack™ grilled to perfection alongside your eggs.

The Steak Stack

Don’t get full on us just yet, we’re still cooking up lunch and dinner. If it’s a little flave you crave then dig into the Steak Stack sandwich ASAP. Cardiff Crack™, all of the fixins’ and (our favorite) balsamic grilled onions. It’s a revelation between two slices of bread! Or go for the dinner time staple, sliced Cardiff Crack™ in all of its glory with two sides and a house-made demi. This dish comes with a food coma guarantee!

Located just off the Casino floor, the Café is waiting to quiet those tummy rumblings.

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