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Everything You Need to Know From Stripping to Tipping

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It happens to the best of us. That awkward moment at The Spa. Whether it's your first time getting a facial or you’re a master at getting massages, we’re here to help you push through those uncomfortable moments. You’re not alone. We’ve got your back. Here is what you need to know before, during and after your visit to The Spa at Harrah’s.
    1. Practice Good Hygiene – This includes shaving legs, showering, cleaning behind the ears, clipping toenails and brushing your teeth. Your treatment specialist will be in direct line of your breath. Brush, floss, use mouthwash and pop in a mint. And you don’t want them to be distracted by the prickly forest growing on your legs or the foul odor coming from your feet. Good hygiene will make the experience much more enjoyable for all.
    2. Wash your face – While we believe this goes hand-in-hand with number one, we’d like to specifically point out that this includes removing makeup if you’re getting a facial. Your esthetician can take it off for you, but why waste valuable relaxation time? It’ll be a much more efficient treatment if you embrace your natural beauty and come in as a blank canvass.
    3. Birthday Suit – If you’re getting a massage or facial, get naked, but only if you’re comfortable. During your treatment, you’ll be snuggled under a blanket which will keep you cozy and covered from the neck down. You’re welcome to keep parts covered with your personal undergarments if baring it all is a little too overbearing for you. As for manicures and pedicures, keep your clothes on.
    4. Don’t Joke About Sex – It’s not funny. Not even a little bit. Keep the comments about your private parts to yourself. Not cool.
    5. Ask Away – It’s okay to ask questions and even carry on conversation during a treatment. If you’re uncomfortable or something hurts during your treatment, speak up! But not too loud… you don’t want the people in the next room over to know all your personal details.
    6. Feasting at Fiore or Overindulging at the BuffetWe know how hard it is to pass up a 28-ounce porterhouse at Fiore or walk on by the Buffet when there is virtually no line (a rare sight.) But what would be more devastating is passing gas during your massage or disrupting the Zen with a gurgling tummy or constant trips to the bathroom. Eat something light and stick with sipping water immediately before your treatment. Your therapist will advise you to stay highly hydrated after your visit.
    7. Kicks – The Spa will provide you with some stylin’ sandals to wear during your time there. But some people just don’t like being in someone else’s shoes. Feel free to sport your own footwear, just be sure they slip on and off easily. Your shoes shouldn’t make noise either. Leave the heals in your hotel room ladies, there isn’t a runway in The Spa.
    8. Tipping - A standard tip for a spa service is 15 - 18 percent of the service price. You can either tip your therapist directly, or give the tip to the receptionist to deliver. If you received a discounted package or coupon, tip based on the original price.
    9. These feelings are normal – Feeling nervous or anxious when going to the spa is common. You’re not alone in your thoughts. Our teams of therapists are professionals and expect things to be a little awkward now and then. And always, if you don’t know, ask. Our team wants to help make this your most relaxing experience ever.
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