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Gamblit Gaming

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Walk around the gaming floor at Harrah’s Resort SoCal and what do you see? Typically you’ll see Blackjack tables, Slots, bright lights and Roulette wheels. Beyond the games themselves is the buzzing environment. That’s what gets us going! The celebrations at the Craps table, the joyful screams when someone hits a jackpot and of course the high-fives with your friends on a hot table. It’s no secret that the thrill of winning is way more exciting with your friends.

Harrah’s Resort SoCal is about to take gaming with the gang to whole new level. Gamblit Gaming has arrived and it’ll have you wondering whether it’s a video game, an arcade game or a gaming device at all. Get your friends (or foes!) ready for a new way to test your skills and have a FUNNER time through social gaming!

Bridging the gap between video games and gambling, Harrah’s Resort SoCal is the first casino in California to introduce Gamblit Gaming—a pioneering interactive experience. Do you ever find yourself glued to a video game? Us too! Sometimes that arcade game is tough to walk away from. Gamblit Gaming brings the same exciting interactive play to our gaming floor. Put on your best poker face with Gamblit Poker or blast your way to a fortune with Cannonbeard’s Treasure. Regardless of the game of choice, be sure to rub your win in your friends’ faces!

Cannonbeard’s Treasure

Are you a fan of skill and strategy-based games? Perfect! Cannonbeard’s Treasure is the game for you. A modern take on blackjack, Cannonbeard’s Treasure pits you against other players and their pirate ships. Grab the community cards in the center to build a hand and reach the objective. First one there wins the pot of gold. Engage your friends in this fast-paced game of cards and naval warfare! Disclaimer: Harrah’s Resort SoCal is not responsible for any swashbuckling during gameplay.

Gamblit Poker

Those players in the poker room can be pretty intimidating, we get it. Sunglasses, hoods and earbuds to keep you from trying to get a read on them. Not quite the fun and social night you had in mind right? Or maybe you were hoping to get your poker fix but your significant other was looking forward to drinks with friends. What a coincidence, it’s like Gamblit Poker was designed just for you! Compete with three of your friends and build your hand by grabbing cards from the center of the table. But don’t just pay attention to your hand. Steal cards that your friends need to keep them from completing their hand. The player with the best hand wins the pot!

From fun in the sun to jackpots and delectable eats, Harrah’s Resort SoCal is constantly pioneering new ways to be Your First Resort For Fun. The arrival of Gamblit Gaming marks a new way to have more fun in Southern California. The next time you and your travel posse are in town be ready for some friendly competition. You can find Gamblit in the lounge area at Spiked.

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