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Harrah’s Resort SoCal Loves Locally Sourced Ingredients

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Who doesn’t love a good farmer’s market? Fresh, organic, locally grown produce picked at the peak of freshness for the ultimate in color, texture and of course flavor. Now if you don’t think of Harrah’s Resort Southern California when you hear those words, then you clearly don’t know us very well.

At Harrah’s Resort SoCal we pride ourselves on seeking out a variety of local and organic fruits and vegetables to serve in outlets all across the resort. To start, you will find nothing but organic oranges in the Café’s fresh squeezed orange juice. Our friends at A&A Organic Farms in Santa Fe Springs, California take special care to pick their oranges when they are at the peak of juiciness and drive them right to our door. If that isn’t the definition of “farm-to-table” then we don’t know what is.


If you’re looking for citrus that is grown even closer to home, look no further than the organic blood oranges used in Spiked’s most flavorful cocktails, like the High Society. These delicious orange/grapefruit hybrids are grown and hand delivered to us by Stehly Ranch, which is located right here in Valley Center, California.


Think we can’t get any closer to home than that? Think again! We actually have our very own garden right here on our property that we use to grow seasonal produce. In the cooler winter months we grow several varieties of lettuce and herbs that are used for our salads and sides. In the summer months you’ll find rows and rows of tomatoes and peppers that we use in our salsas. All of the produce that we harvest here is organic and as locally grown and you can get.


Getting you the crunchiest and crispiest vegetables is something we take very seriously, but sadly we can’t grow all of our produce in our beautiful garden. That is why we have partnered with local farms from all over California to help cut travel time and boost freshness. Fresh Origins in San Marcos, California provides all of our organic micro greens and Valdivia Farms in Carlsbad supplies us with juicy heirloom tomatoes.

Our chefs love cooking with the freshest ingredients, and that doesn’t just stop at fruits and veggies. Leong Kuba Sea Products in San Diego provides Fiore and the Oyster Bar with local seafood caught right off the shores of our beloved Pacific Ocean.

Serving locally sourced ingredients helps to ensure that we are always providing our guests with the very best mother nature has to offer—because she knows best.

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