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L’Heure Verte & Emerald Elixirs

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Absinthe. La Fee Verte. The Green Fairy Goddess. Call it what you’d like, this high-proof spirit is shrouded in mystery and curiosity. Is it a hallucinogen? What’s with the fancy spoon and sugar cube? Why is it green? We’re glad you asked. L’heure Verte (The Green Hour) has arrived at Harrah’s Resort SoCal and the mixologists at Spiked are ready to pour you an absinthe-y fun experience!

The Facts

Let’s start with the facts. No, Absinthe is not a hallucinogen and it won’t make you crazy as believed during its prohibition ban. It is simply a high-proof spirit that packs a serious anise-flavored punch! And when we say “serious punch” we’re talking 65%. Yes, it was illegal in the US for nearly 100 years but 21st century studies have since debunked prohibition myths leading to its 2007 legalization. And what’s up with the green color? Is that natural? Absolutely! Absinthe is traditionally distilled then re-distilled and it’s during the re-distilling process the spirit develops its green hue. Some distilleries will add dyes to color their spirits instead of naturally developing the color but you won’t find those versions here at Spiked. We use authentic French Absinthe distilled in all traditions. From quality Absinthe to classic serving rituals, Spiked is mixing up the most authentic French experience around.

The Ritual

Traditional French Absinthe can be a little rough around the edges when tasted on its own. So to create a smoother beverage 19th century Absintheurs would incorporate cold water and a sugar cube into the Absinthe elixir. Swirls of opaque opalescent pearl begin to louche the beverage as it begins to change color. Slowly dripping the water and watching the Absinthe take on a new color is all apart of the ritualistic experience of the service.

We start with one ounce of Absinthe in a French Pontarlier glass. A sugar cube is then placed on a decorative Absinthe spoon, which sits on top of the Pontarlier and below a reservoir known as the Balancier. Ice-cold water is then poured into the Balancier, which slowly drips water onto the sugar cube, dissolving it and incorporating it into the Absinthe. The result, an amazingly crisp and refreshing licorice-flavored beverage!

We love immersing our guests into new experiences. Whether it’s pairing that perfect full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with a bone-in ribeye at Fiore for a 5-star dining experience, or tasting your way through our tequila selection at ‘ritas. Harrah’s Resort SoCal knows how to add authentic experiences to your visit. If you haven’t experienced the French-inspired Absinthe ritual at Spiked, well we’ve just added one more drink-tivity to your to-do list. See you on Fridays at 5pm for L'heure Verte! That’s French for the green hour.

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