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Now Pouring: SR76 Beerworks

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Harrah’s Resort Southern California is constantly finding new ways to add excitement and FUN to your stay. From Southern California’s first and only Swim-up Barat Dive to health-conscious wellness packages inspired by our industry-leading CodeGreen eco-friendly initiative.Harrah’s Resort SoCal is dedicated to being Your First Resort For Fun. This month we are thrilled to add to our list of firsts, San Diego’s first tribal-owned brewery. Introducing SR76 Beerworks. Southern California’s hottest new brewery is now open and pouring.

SR76 is much more than a craft brewery; it’s an immersion into Native American culture and tradition. The SR76 name represents the yearly journey the Lusuño Indians made to the Pacific Ocean along the San Luis Rey River. The four SR76 beers offered reflect the region’s agricultural offerings, while the flavors stir-up nuances of local ingredients.

Brewmaster Brian Scott focuses on brewing beers that are simple and approachable while still drawing inspiration from Valley Center. Boasting an impressive résumé in the San Diego brewing industry, Scott aims to offer beers that are light, balanced and pair well with a variety of the foods offered at Harrah’s Resort SoCal.

Not quite sure how to identify our beers or how to pair them? Don’t worry, by the time you’re done reading we’ll have you speaking the brew lingo like a true San Diego beer fanatic.

Starting with the flagship beer, the Temet Kolsch is a light and approachable German inspired brew. Boasting a delicate bouquet of citrus and spice, the Temet Kolsch offers a myriad of nuances to the nose while still maintaining subtlety. The balance of citrus and spice is also found in the taste while a very clean and carbonated ending will leave your palate refreshed. Pair the Temet Kolsch with various kinds of sausages, spicy Thai or Chinese flavors, grilled chicken or fish and shellfish. At just 4.5% ABV (alcohol by volume), the Temet Kolsch’s highly drinkable characteristics make it a great choice year-round. Trust us when we say you’re going to want more than one!

Looking for something on the lighter side? SR76 has you covered with the Supul Saison. At just 3.7% ABV, this French inspired ale is higher-pitched yet deliciously subtle. Offering notes of tart apricot and earthy flavors, the Supul Saison starts with tastes of under-ripe fresh fruit, while playful carbonation and lower tones finish off the flavor profile. Pair the Supul Saison as you would a dry or sweet white wine such as Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. Roasted chicken, salads with fresh goat cheeses, shellfish, charcuterie, hard-aged cheeses such as Asiago and Parmesan and soft/pungent cheeses like Brie are all great pairing options. Allow the Supul Saison to provide the fruit and tart to your dining experience.

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No brewery roster is complete without a German style wheat beer. The SR76 Paradise Creek Wheat is perfect for those looking for a full-bodied flavor without the hoppy component. Sporting the slightly cloudy and pale appearance synonymous with most wheat beers, the 4.2% ABV Paradise Creek is highly carbonated and rich. Strong notes of banana and clove exist in the bouquet and flavor profile. Paradise Creek’s rich and fluffy carbonation finishes dry on the pallet. Paradise Creek Wheat pairs great with many varieties of food due to its complex flavor and body profile. Pairing it with Mexican food helps cut the heaviness of starches and fats while complementing the spicy food’s flavors. Conversely, give it a try with lighter risottos and paellas that feature delicate proteins like shrimp or squid. Paradise Creek’s full-bodied profile will allow the clean flavors of the shellfish to pop!

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You didn’t think we would forget about you hop heads did we? Of course not! Last but not least we have the Hellhole Pale Ale. Named after Valley Center’s Hellhole Canyon, this American style pale ale is a hop lover’s dream. Keeping focus on the hop component, the Hellhole is a refreshing ale featuring fruity citrus notes and a clean bitter finish. The Hellhole Pale Ale has nearly unlimited food pairing potential. Allow it’s clean citrus and hoppy notes to cut through pungent cheeses like colby, fontina and sharp cheddar. Refresh your palette while eating heavier foods such as burgers, Thai foods and salty pub fare. Or give your dessert some fruity notes by pairing it with pumpkin pie or bread pudding. Whatever your favorite food may be, the Hellhole Pale Ale is a great option.

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SR76’s tasting room is both luxurious and spacious offering couches for lounging, tables for socializing and a 25-foot concrete bar for some serious beer tasting. Brewery tours are available and will immerse you in the history and culture of the Luseño Indians as you learn about the inspiration behind the beer in your hand. So the next time you’re visiting Harrah’s Resort SoCal and your inner beer geek needs satisfying, make your way to SR76 Beerworks to quench your thirst and then some!

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