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A ‘ritas Renaissance

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New flavors spice up the ‘ritas Cantina menu

Birria Jalisco

If you’re visiting Harrah’s Resort SoCal for the first time or the thousandth, you know that deliciously, spicy and flavorful Mexican food is the coveted cuisine of Funner, CA and San Diego County alike. Where’s the epicenter? Right here at ‘ritas Cantina! The home of salt, spice and everything nice, ‘ritas Cantina welcomed famed Las Vegas and Caesars Entertainment chef Leticia Nunez to the kitchen to crank up the heat with a brand new menu of comida deliciosa!


With over 40 years of cooking experience and 20 years in Las Vegas kitchens, chef Leticia has held the kitchen line with culinary titans such as Thomas Keller, Alice Waters and Annie Roberts. Hailing from Mexico, her exquisite and refined culinary talent is combined with her love of her country’s hallowed food tradition. It is these skills and influences that she brought to the ‘ritas Cantina team to help create a menu of world class flavors and textures.

Let us start the first course by saying that this isn’t your average “SoCal” mexican food. There’s more to south-of-the-border flavors than California burritos and street tacos. Our specialty chefs are bringing the heat to prove it. “We love foods from every region of Mexico. From Baja California to the north of Chihuahua as well as the south of Mexico like Puebla and Guerrero. We created the menu based on how popular these dishes are across the regions.” Says chef Leticia Nunez. “We Love Cancun and Yucatan fruity and spicy flavors as much as we love the earthiness of Oaxaca and Puebla herbs, grains and dry chiles!” she adds.

Queso Fundido

So what will your first reaction be (besides “YUM!) when you see the menu? Hopefully it’s, “There’s so much variety. I can’t choose!” You can say that again. Just wait until you taste it, we guarantee you’ll be asking for más.


“We put a lot of thought into making sure that we covered every aspect of flavors as well as protein options.” says chef Homero Lopez. “The food on the plate is honest and humble yet bold and colorful. There’s plenty of seafood options since guests can dine poolside. The house tequilas and drinks compliment the menu giving guests the feel of a beachside experience.” he adds. “My hope is that our guests can walk away feeling like they were transported to a home in the heart of Mexico.”

Chef Homero cooking up some fire!

That’s quite a mouthful! Wondering where to start? How about digging into the chefs’ favorites? Chef Leticia recommends the Chiles en Nogada, Ensalada Orgánica or Birria while chef Homero opts for the indulgently cheesy Enchiladas Suizas. Whether it’s meat, cheese or roughage, there’s plenty to choose from to spice up your dinner date.

Enchiladas Suizas

‘ritas Cantina’s new menu is hot, or sizzling, off the press and ready to spice up your day. Vamonos!

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