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Scoop Into Harrah’s Royal Ube

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You have finally finished up your large savory meal at the buffet, but realize there is one station that still calls your name—dessert! So, you get up, undo your belt a few notches to make room for some sweet treats and head over.

The number of desserts to choose from is incredible, but your already full tummy only has so much room left. You know you want an ice-cold treat that will melt your mouth... gelato it is! There is more to the flavor world than just chocolate and vanilla, so what’s your indulgence going to be? Simple. Harrah’s Royal Ube.

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What’s Harrah’s Royal Ube you ask? It’s an exclusive gelato flavor that is only available at Harrah’s Resort Southern California in the Buffet. Don’t be fooled by its deep purple color, Royal Ube isn’t some sort of berry or plum flavor. Instead it can be described as sweet custard. The texture, nice and creamy with a smooth finish is typical of gelato, not ice cream.

We know what you’re thinking: “what the heck is Ube and how do you pronounce that word?” Ube (ooh-beh) is a purple yam (hence the color) that is extremely popular in the Filipino culture. It is used in a variety of desserts such as cookies, cakes and other traditional sweet treats.

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This fresh flavor is just one more example of how hard our culinary team works to develop new ideas to enhance your experience with us. Just as our team is culturally diverse, so are our guests. With this in mind, culinary team wanted to create a unique food item that no other gaming resort offered. Taking on this task with the assistance of our gelato vendor, our source for all of our delicious gelato flavors in the Buffet, together we created Harrah’s Royal Ube.

If you happen to pass on this ahh-mazing gelato and think you can get it elsewhere in San Diego, newsflash, that’s not possible. This specialty gelato and recipe is made specifically for our guests. So don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a second serving!

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