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Mayor Rob Riggle has been quite busy legislating his way around Funner California. He has commissioned topiaries in his likeness, declared underwater basket weaving as the city’s official sport, gilded his favorite foods and drinks like the Regal Riggle donut and The Filthy Rich martini and implemented a brand new hotline. Yes, a hotline. Like the ones you call while shopping on television because you just can’t live without that quesadilla maker. Like that, but mayoral.

The resort lobby mayoral phonebooth

Obviously we mean business around here at Harrah’s Resort SoCal so we made sure the mayor followed suit. Give the hotline a call and Mayor Riggle will give you a Funner life tip or two, tell you some Funner facts about our city and even read you a bedtime story if the boogie man is keeping you awake. Who knew the mayor had such a soothing voice!?

The mayoral hotline can be dialed into from your hotel room phone or from one of our three official mayoral hotline telephone booths. Yes, telephone booths still exist. Well, they do in Funner, CA anyway. You can find telephone number one near the Bus Center, telephone number two near our east entrance and telephone number three right next to the Mayor’s throne in the resort lobby. You can’t miss them, trust us. They look kind of like Dr. Who’s tardis but way more cool!

Mayor Riggle on the horn

The next time you’re in Funner California be sure to give us a ring. The mayoral operator is standing by!

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