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Winner Winner Fancy Dinner

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Let’s get straight to it and talk turkey. When Fiore makes mouths water and eyes open wide at the sight of their incredible wine list they win awards. More specifically, the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. What is the Award of Excellence you ask? Just a prestigious award given by an even more prestigious food and wine magazine to restaurants with stellar wine offerings and food pairings. No big deal. What it means for you is you’re in good hands when you eat and sip at Fiore… REALLY good hands. Still don’t believe us? Just ask Fiore Supervisor Robert Gustafson, his staff has won the award ten times!

“Each wine on our list is carefully chosen with the intent to arm our service staff with a list of wines necessary to pair with any of Chef Amanda’s incredible culinary creations.” Says Gustafson. “Fiore has five team members with wine certifications so our guests can rest assured that they will receive the appropriate guidance to a wine that is guaranteed to delight!” Translation, the Fiore staff is really good at recommending a yummy wine for your dinner!

The Filet at Fioré

Getting hungry? Us too! Make thosereservations and let the Fiore team take you on a journey of wine-y bliss. Caution, food coma is practically guaranteed!

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