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You’re Cleared for Mimosa Takeoff

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Sip your way through our new premium mimosa flight

Mimosa flight

Nothing says “I’m living my best life” like sipping on a crisp and tangy mimosa right? Mimosas put the “Funday” in Sunday and the “awww” in spa. They inspire us to drink with our pinky out and make it okay to have a bit of fun before 5 o’clock. We’re looking at you brunch crew! So how did the Harrah’s Resort SoCal mixology team take a perfectly fun beverage and make it… Funner? We’re glad you asked. Behold our seasonal mimosa flight.

Sure you could go with the old O.J. and budget sparkling wine mimosa. But where’s the fun in that? Kick the boxed orange juice aside and give this a sip. We start with Wycliff champagne and kick it up a notch with premium Monin flavors. What kind of flavors you ask? Well, a selection for both the shy and the bold! Try cucumber, lavender, mango or watermelon for a subtle experience. Go big with blood orange, passion fruit or pineapple chipotle. Yes, you read that right! Garnish with cucumber, edible flowers and herbs or dehydrated fruit and you have a mimosa fit for royalty.

As you can tell, these aren’t your average “all you can drink” mimosas nor are they only available in the wee hours of the morning. These beauties are available during all hours of beverage service at any of our resort bars.

Ready to board the mimosa flight? We thought so. Sample flights are $10 for 3 and are taking off now!

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