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The Bee’s Are Back in Town!

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Saving the Honey Bee population has never tasted sweeter

Fact. Honey is absolutely delicious. Another fact. The bees responsible for this delicious substance are disappearing… quickly. A world without honey. Scary thought right? We can’t imagine having to say “bye-bye” to that silky smooth honey lavender panna cotta at Fiore. Luckily we won’t have to. Harrah’s Resort SoCal has come to the rescue by adopting half a million of our buzzy little friends!

Bees don’t just produce honey. They’re a major workhorse for Mother Earth. Their pollination brings us citrus, berries, pumpkins and all of those pretty spring flowers. So Harrah’s Resort SoCal decided it was time to beef up the bees by adopting and caring for over half a million of our own! Our bees help local agriculture bloom and grow outdoors while you enjoy the golden goodness indoors. Pretty sweet deal huh? Even sweeter thanks to this year’s healthy rainfall. Our valley received so much rain it helped our bees produce a honey unlike any other, a true once-in-a-decade delicacy!

Don’t worry about stings or swarms. They’re hanging out at their own off-site resort producing the goods. So the next time you’re enjoying that Full Monte or Clockwork Orange cocktail from Spiked you can rest assured our happy bees produced that honey just for you!

See you around the hive!

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