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In case you haven’t heard, we love having fun here atHarrah’s Resort SoCal. Fun is our specialty and it comes in many different forms. Gaming, splashing, tasting and pampering just to name a few. But what if we told you that while you are funning, we are sustaining? That’s right, the Harrah’s Resort SoCal CodeGreen program minimizes our environmental footprint by consistently setting and meeting sustainable eco-friendly goals. The valley we call home is a beautiful sight to see and we intend to keep it that way.

Solar Power

Our solar panels are hard workers here at the resort. And why wouldn’t they be? We have a larger solar field than any other property in our Caesars Entertainment family. The panels have generated over 113 thousand kilowatt hours since installation, that’s the equivalent of planting 450 trees or removing 90 tons of Carbon Dioxide from burned coal! Enjoying that heated 80 degree pool during the winter months? It’s heated by our solar panels. How about that icy air conditioning during the summer? You guessed it, solar panels. Directly connected to the automated chiller plant, our solar panels power the machinery responsible for keeping you cool and comfy.

Water Conservation

It takes more than just solar power to provide the cool from our air conditioners. Our automated chiller plant also requires plenty of water. In an effort to drastically cut back on the amount of potable water used for air conditioning, Harrah’s Resort SoCal will begin using recycled water in the near future. Where will the water come from? Great question, from your hotel room! Water from hotel room sinks and showers is sent to our water treatment plant where it is cleaned and filtered multiple times over. From there it is pumped into our automated chiller plant to cool the coils that provide that icey bliss we all crave on a hot day.

But our water conservation and recycling efforts don’t end with air conditioning. Recycled water is already being used in many of our sprinklers as well as our maintenance pressure washers. Soon it will be used to maintain our local community parks such as the youth baseball fields near our Nature Trail as well as our emergency fire sprinklers. We have converted to water-conscious landscaping alternatives such as artificial turf in the Corked courtyard and low-water plants. The end result, a whopping 2 million gallons of water saved year over year!

Electric Vehicle Charging

Are you as conscious about vehicle emissions as we are? Great! It’s no secret that electric vehicles are key to reducing our carbon footprint. We’re all-in on keeping them on the road. Harrah’s Resort SoCal offers free charging stations for guests and employees alike. You’ll find them on each level of the parking structure. Don’t fret over pitching in for gas during your next road trip to the resort, load everyone into your electric car. Plug-in when you arrive and recharge. (Yes we mean you AND your car).


You could say we have a bit of a green thumb...Or rather, a CodeGreen thumb! Okay, bad joke. But have you noticed our garden by the parking structure? We have some fine specimens growing around here. From crunchy broccoli to buttery lechuga and zesty cilantro, our garden produces all of the crops to fulfill your ruffagey dreams! It also produces enough fresh crops for the chefs to utilize at our property restaurants. How does that help the environment? By cutting down on our produce shipments and reducing the number of delivery trucks on the road. Salads, salsas and sauces, the possibilities are endless!

Recycling & Clean the World

So maybe you don’t have a green thumb, own an electric car or have solar panels. It’s ok, recycling is still the easiest way to make a positive impact on our environment and we take pride in our recycling efforts. We diverted over 400 tons of recyclable materials last year and we’re setting our sights on 500 tons in 2017!

Recycling is more than just collecting aluminium, glass and paper materials. Our CodeGreen program is constantly searching for more ways to improve recycling efforts. Our partnership with Clean The World is a perfect example of recycling innovation. Rather than sending our soaps, shampoos and conditioners to the landfill, we send them to those in need. Used hygiene products are collected by our housekeeping staff and sent off to a Clean The World facility. The products are then sterilized, repackaged and given to the underprivileged around the world. Now that’s a squeaky clean initiative!

CodeGreen F&B

We saw you enjoying that Honey Lavender Panna Cotta dessert at Fiore. Guess what? The honey will soon come from our very own bees! That’s right, CodeGreen strikes again and it’s coming to a dish (or drink) near you. Once harvested, the honey will be used for the very same desserts enjoyed by guests around the resort. Bee’s are a major workhorse for Mother Earth. Their pollination brings us citrus, berries, pumpkins and all of those pretty spring flowers. But their numbers are plummeting. So Harrah’s Resort SoCal decided it was time to beef up the bees by adopting and caring for over half a million of our own! Our bees help local agriculture bloom and grow outdoors while you enjoy the golden goodness indoors. Pretty sweet deal huh?

But our CodeGreen efforts go beyond bees and honey. We also partner with earth-conscious organizations in fun ways to benefit our environment. Take The Organic Surf Spritzer for example. Created by the cocktail geniuses at Spiked, a portion of every Organic Surf Spritzer purchase will be donated to theSurfrider Foundation’s San Diego Chapter. So while you’re relaxing and sipping away on that delicious concoction, we’re working hard to keep our local beaches clean and safe for your next visit!

CodeGreen At Home

Our CodeGreen efforts don’t end at the resort. No no no, we are determined to live an eco-friendly lifestyle in our homes as well. Recognizing the environmental and energy bill benefits, solar panels have found their way onto the homes of many Harrah’s Resort SoCal employees. We’re cutting back on our water usage and installing turf in our yards. We don’t drive to work alone, carpooling with coworkers cuts back on the number of vehicles on the road and emissions drastically.

Yes we have a soft spot for our planet. Creating difference-making solutions gives us warm earth-friendly fuzzies. With millions of gallons of water saved, solar power generated and materials recycled, we’d say we’re doing pretty good for Mother Earth. But don’t take our word for it. Have a look at our CodeGreen wall near the Promotions Center for the full picture of our earth-friendly efforts.

Good planets are tough to find, let’s keep this one green.

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