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Go Long! Go Long!

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Call your next gaming play with an exclusive NFL card


Fourth quarter. We’re nearing the two minute warning and it’s time for a big play. Hit or stay? Oh, you thought we were talking about football? Well, in a way we are. Before you get into any action on the tables, always be sure to give your friendly Harrah’s Resort SoCal dealer your Caesars Rewards card. Tracking your play with Caesars Rewards is the easiest way to earn perks such as free play, free stays and a locker room full of other goodies. And with our exclusive NFL Caesars Rewards card, you can approach the tables knowing you have the full support of your favorite gridiron league!

Now, you may be asking yourself “I love football, why don’t I see NFL cards and perks at other properties outside of the Caesars Empire? Other casinos should do this too!” That’s because yours truly has exclusively partnered with the NFL to offer you the exclusive NFL Pick’em, exclusive NFL cards and more. The real question is, who’s your team? Head over to our Caesars Rewards Center today to grab your free limited NFL Caesar Rewards card. Our team will have one in your hands in a snap!

Core 4 CR Cards

Speaking of us nearing the two minute warning in the fourth quarter, the clock is ticking on the 2020 game! Typically we would urge you to throw one last “hail mary” for the year to enjoy your tier status. But with 2020 committing a few fouls, we’ve given you some rewarding overtime. Your 2020 tier status is extended through January 31, 2022 giving you more time to enjoy what you’ve earned!

Now, you’re jogging along the casino floor and you spot an open (socially-distanced of course) seat at your favorite table game. You juke into the game’s direction… What's your next play?

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