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Harrah’s Resort SoCal Makes Earth-sized Strides in Eco-friendly Efforts

Name a better place to have fun than Harrah’s Resort SoCal? Go ahead, we’ll wait. While we do pride ourselves on being the champions of fun and play we are also very proud of another title, Environmental Stewards. Our CodeGreen initiatives found resort-wide are our way of saying thank you to Mother Earth and also our way of protecting her for years to come. Sure Earth Month is a great way to show off our eco-friendly efforts, but here at Harrah’s Resort SoCal we prefer to celebrate Earth YEAR… every year… all year!

Natural resources are a major concern in our world today which is why we work hard to conserve some and take advantage of others. Our solar panels generated 2.46 Gigawatt hours or 2.4 billion watt hours. That’s enough energy to power a television for 11,000 years! Our solar panels keep our air conditioners blowing ice cold.

But CodeGreen isn’t all sunshine and raindrops. We’ve found ways to incorporate our efforts into your dining experience as well. Are you a fan of that honey lavender panna cotta at Fiore? That delicious honey came from our 500,000 bees we adopted to help slow the declining population. We’ve also grown and harvested hundreds of pounds of produce in our CodeGreen garden. We hope you like tomatoes! Don’t worry, if you don’t eat them we can always throw them into our ORCA food composter. It takes hundreds of pounds of daily food waste and slowly converts it to non-polluting water keeping waste out of landfills.

Do you drive an electric car? Great! Our electric car charging stations are our way of saying thank you for cruising the roads emission-free. Speaking of battery-powered items, we go to great lengths to recycle e-waste like computer monitors, televisions, hard drives, batteries and other items that would otherwise live in the ground forever. Trash is not the place. Recycle your e-waste!

From partnering with local organic farms to installing eco-friendly thermostats and low-energy light bulbs, we’d say we have quite the soft spot for our planet. But don’t take our word for it. Have a look at our CodeGreen wall near the Promotions Center for a look at our earth-friendly efforts.

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