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Pastry Chef Matt Lawa brings home a sweet victory yet again

When was the last time you gazed upon an object that overwhelmed you with amazement yet made you hungry at the same time? If you haven’t experienced such a complex mix of emotions then it might be time to visit the Harrah’s Resort SoCal Buffet. More specifically, Pastry Chef Matt Lawa’s dessert station, because there you’ll find his jaw-dropping chocolate sculpture standing in all of its chocolate-y glory!

Harrah’s Resort SoCal is highly invested in our community and when San Diego Youth Services invites you, yet again, to their Creations In Chocolate charity event and competition, you come running! Well, Chef Matt does at least.

San Diego’s finest chocolatiers melted, sculpted and shaved away for the title of Best In Show. Spoiler alert, Chef Matt won again! And with the auction proceeds going to San Diego Youth Services, our local community won as well.

Containing a whopping 25lbs of chocolate and 12 hours of tedious work, Chef Matt’s creation is a true masterpiece. "This year's guest judge was Vietnamese American comedian Dat Phan. Vietnamese culture was my inspiration behind the sculpture which includes bamboo, fruit and other items."

You’ll find Chef Matt’s artistry proudly displayed in the dessert case next to Fiore. Feel free to gaze upon it, just don’t eat it!

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