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All-in 4 Change

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Giving season lasts all year long here at Harrah’s Resort SoCal. From celebrating our loved ones at a What’s Your Funner event to helping Mayor Riggle supply our deploying troops with calling cards and everything in between, helping our community isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are as Funner Californians. But while you can spot us running around San Diego County building homes, cleaning up nature and mixing it up with our beloved community all year long, it is the non-profit organizations that we partner with that are the true champions of the community. And what better way to celebrate these guardians of good than by giving them a chance to win a share of $100,000 in grants!

Not a bad deal right? So how do these organizations win exactly? We’re so glad you asked. The winners are chosen by both you, the community and our community voting committee! That’s right, your vote has a whole lot of say about the possible turnout of our All-in 4 Change event. Click here for a full rundown of the rules.

Without further ado… and a record-breaking 35,000+ votes, we give you our All-in 4 Change 2022 winners!

1st: Trans Family Support Services

2nd: Helen Woodward Animal Center

3rd: Support the Enlisted Project

4th: Urban Corps of San Diego

5th: Michelle’s Place

Honorable Mention Winners

Feels good to do a little good doesn’t it? You should try it, it’ll do ya some good! Do you have a favorite non-profit you’d like to see go All-in 4 Change? Be sure to nominate them next year for our 2022 All-in 4 Change event. In the meantime, keep the giving season going!

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